Single line Circus 1<2013-1>, 87x125x14cm , stainless steel, 2013

Single line Circus 2<2013-2>, 76x123x15cm, stainless steel, 2013

 Oriental Phoenix <2013-3>, 450x450,450cm, Stainless steel, 2013
구례 예술인 마을 소장

Pray to the sky<2013-4>,  72x75x230cm, Polyurethane pigment on Welded Steel, 2012-2013,

 Pray to the sky (Detail), 2012-2013, 72x75x230cm, Polyurethane pigment on Welded Steel

 Mysterious Castle <2013-5>, 146x68x17cm, Polyurethane pigment Stainless steel
private collection 개인소장 (Belgium)

 Female Lip <2013-6>, Polyurethane pigment(Red) on Stainless Steel, 140X63X30cm

 Female Lip <2013-7>
Polyurethane pigment(Yellow & Blue) on Stainless Steel,

Park’s recent works: <The way of Life> series.


The recent art pieces, such as <Way of life-triptych 2013> and <Life circulation 2013> and <Pray to the sky 2012-2013> are commonly composed of numerous small particles of sectioning cube steels. The expressed meanings of them are related in the rooms or days in our daily living situations. Such expressive methods are to suggest the individual labor of creation and mastership of completion in the series arts. To reveal time passing and each days importance or big-sized building in our megalopolis city living in contemporary life, the art pieces are created in the extended line of our civilization and far beyond time-passing past memories of the artist's. 

In case of <The way of life-triptych, 2013>, the three sections show as follows: after to be tempted Adam(a man) follows Eve( a woman); loves each other and get married; and hold up his wife on his back. In the expression, the art works shows one of living situation of all humans. 

There arise several questions: why all human-beings are codified to be married? Why all men have to love certain women? and others. In the work Way of life-triptych 2013, you may see there are the circulating images of birth, child, youth, marriage, composing family, success and to be old. 

The meaning of this is our Human's life routine. Despite the difference of each individual life, most of the living condition is as same as thus expression. In the work <Pray to the Sky 2012-2013>, after dedicate her heart, an Indian woman prays toward in the late afternoon. There arise certain questions: then, why she dedicates her heart and what is the subject to pray? We may think that the story is related in the Aztec Indian mythology to dedicate a living heart toward the sun to extend one day. The final creation (the fifth sun) occurred when the gods met and decided one among them had to sacrifice himself to become the new sun. One poor, humble god did this and became the sun. However, the sun hung in the sky and didn’t move. In order for the sun to move, it was necessary for all of the gods to sacrifice themselves. 

Sacrificial rituals among the Aztecs and in Mesoamerica in general must be seen in the context of religious cosmology: sacrifice and death was necessary for the continued existence of the world. 

In the work, just the meaning is coordinated with contemporary human-being’s way of living as the mother who dedicates her whole things for their family.

<The Way of Life> series suggests certain dialogues how we will see our given living. Well, the life is not always plain: sometime it may be beautiful and clear but sometime it comes us as a divine test. However, as is never easy, we can see it what is positive or negative; interesting or sad as well.

We could be just a temporary actors/actresses. In accordance with our translation of it, we are able to act differently in the stage. The given roles can be main actor/actress’s business but that of extra’s. However, in accordance with our view points, we can go various directions: to decorate it precious or valueless.

Park’s recent works suggest thus various situations: in case of <Single Line Circus, 2013> and <Obstacle Race, 2013>, they show our ways when we meet in our daily living difficulties; In case of <Bread and grape trees, 2013>, it is rewrite of an Aesop’s allegory <The Ants and the Grasshopper>, which is described as the growth of grape trees as the change season and the out line of the art works is described as the outer shape of regular bread. the art questions how we work to get breads the importance of hard working in the summer season (given working time).

Life Circulation <2013-8>, 212x85x10cm, steel welding, Polyurethane pigment, 2013 

 Life Circulation  <2013-9> (Detail)

 Bread & Grape Trees <2013-9>
 Polyurethane pigment on Stainless Steel & steel balls

Way of life-triptych 2013-10, 157x63x7cm, steel & stainless steel, 2013
Private Collection (Amsterdam)

 Obstacle Race, <2013-11>, 160x98x8cm, Polyurethane pigment on Stainless Steel, 2013 

Obstacle Race, 2013-11, Detail

Material paradise 2013-12, 25x120x6cm, stainless steel, 2013

Material paradise 2013-13, 25x120x11cm, stainless steel, 2013

Material paradise 2013-14, 25x120x6cm, stainless steel, 2013

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